REFC partners with ZAMSURECO-I, CENECO & NOCECO for Live Line Maintenance Tools and Training and BILECO’s Maintenance Support Vehicles

The electric co-ops aggressively embarked on special skills training to conduct live line maintenance work on their distribution system. The training was packaged by REFC in partnership with a US based company specializing in live line maintenance to ensure that the skills acquired by our linemen are of high quality and at the highest level of safety. Thru proper maintenance of energized distribution lines, system loss is minimized, reliability of electric service is enhanced and customer satisfaction is increased. Further, the co-ops improve their regulatory compliance with allowable interruption indices.

ZAMSURECO-I has signed with the National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO) the lease-purchase agreement for the acquisition of the 69kV subtransmission lines within the EC’s franchise area. In anticipation of the approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission, ZAMSURECO-I which will take over the operation and maintenance of said line, has decided to acquire the necessary 69kV rated hotline tools and equipment plus the required specialized live line maintenance training for the said type of power line. REFC extended a Php 9 Million commodity loan package to support ZAMSURECO I for this project. At present, ZAMSURECO I is already equipped and capable of conducting live line work for its 13.2kV distribution system, having participated on the earlier packages of REFC for such training.

Like all distribution utilities, NOCECO has the perennial problem of maintaining its long kilometres of distribution lines to minimize electric service interruptions. They saw the need to beef up their inventory of hotline tools and equipment to equip more of their linemen who have already undergone the necessary training of conducting live line maintenance work of the EC’s distribution system. REFC extended Php 4.9 Million to fund the additional 13.2kV rated hotline tools and equipment.

The Board of Directors of CENECO have seen the need to embark in a program to further improve the coop’s system reliability, hence, the EC applied for a P14.1-Million Commodity Loan for conducting live line maintenance job orders on both their 13.2kV distribution voltage system and the 69kV sub-transmission voltage. The hotline tools and equipment, along with the necessary training to be provided through REFC funding will be customized to utilize the insulated 80 footer articulated boomtruck that REFC provided to CENECO last year.

The tools, which are all sourced from known and reputable US manufacturers, and the training which is conducted by a highly-trained American who has been in the live line maintenance industry for a very long time, will surely give the ECs, its personnel and eventually, its consumers, their money’s worth.

REFC has always been supportive of the ECs to achieve their respective goals of providing electric service that is adequate, dependable and of high quality. Hence, when three of REFC’s investor-members approached the financing company for financing support, REFC wasted no time in approving their respective loan applications.

REFC has extended a total of P27.9-Million Commodity Loan to the three (3) ECs for this purpose.

With the upcoming delivery of the tools and the conduct of the complementary training, the ECs can now maintain with confidence through its latest prized acquisition which will eventually redound to the benefit of its consumers thru stable power supply without worrying of extended interruptions in repairing and maintaining their electric distribution facilities.

REFC has granted BILECO a P6.2-Million loan for the acquisition of support vehicles for the EC’s line maintenance operations.

Having a dependable vehicle that can run on both rugged and smooth terrain which is common in the province of Biliran, with enough load capacity, fuel efficient has prompted BILECO to plan for the purchase of new vehicles for this purpose.

These new vehicles, in addition to the existing crew cabs, will be used for the line maintenance operations, making the engineering personnel very mobile and responsive in answering all the EC’s power problems and complaints.